Post degree show at Open Hand Open Space August 2019

Degree Show June 2019


Exhibition – Rising Sun Art Centre May 2019

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Work exhibited in a group exhibition at Rising Sun Art centre. The pieces shown were prints of digital paintings on acetate sheet, layered over prints on paper to create busy compositions which examine the way in which shape and colour are used to signify processes and actions, and simultaneously brand those processes and the white screen space. I chose to print on paper rather than card as the display systems used allowed viewers to walk around the work, meaning that by using acetate sheet layered over paper and positioning the work correctly in respect to the lighting of the gallery the pieces appeared shiny, crisp with a stark opaque white background from the front, whilst from the back the light shone through the translucent paper revealing the composition in softer pastel tones.


Layered Compositions

composition 04

Digital Paintings

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint


Exhibition – Progress Theatre Reading. Jan 2019


Work exhibited in a solo show at Progress Theatre Reading, January 2019. I exhibited two works previously shown in the interim show alongside four new pieces. The new works made for this exhibition drew inspiration from the production on at the theatre alongside the exhibition, Liz Lochead’s ‘Blood and Ice’

Interim Show October 2018


Interim show October 2018


Interim Show – February 2019


Interim show February 2019