Degree Show – June 2019

Degree Show – June 2019




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Mt final piece consists of two paintings mounted together into a sculpture using scaffolding, and projected onto one side of this piece are a series of digital paintings printed onto 35mm slides and projected using three slide projectors. Slides were the preferred format for two reasons, firstly, the physicality of the material print, as I wanted the recordings of temporary processes which take place on the screen to exist as physical objects in the gallery. Slides were preferred to other printed formats as they have the greatest print density, and produce the clearest image, fully capturing the simulated textures of the digital paintings in physical media. They also represented an outdated image based technology, utilising analogue technologies which have been cast aside in favour of digital replacements. The use of this outdated, archaic technology in recording images dealing with current screen based technologies identifies their short term relevance, and makes explicit the fact that these paintings which deal with the aesthetics of smartphone screens will quickly also be cast on the technological scrapheap and fade to irrelevance.

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