Exhibition – Progress Theatre Reading. Jan 2019

Exhibition – Progress Theatre Reading. Jan 2019

Work exhibited in a solo show at Progress Theatre Reading, January 2019. I exhibited two works previously shown in the interim show alongside four new pieces. The new works made for this exhibition drew inspiration from the production on at the theatre alongside the exhibition, Liz Lochead’s ‘Blood and Ice’


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The four pieces created for this exhibition continued to explore composition influenced by smartphone screens, combining layouts of applications with fractured imagery inspired by physical faults in screens and how this fractures the images experienced through them. In these pieces I incorporated figurative elements of art historical works associated with the Mary Shelly novel Frankenstein, and the play being performed at the theatre at the time of exhibition, ‘Blood and Ice’, centring on the character of Shelley being haunted by the spectre of her creation. Fragments of ‘The Nightmare’ by Fuselli (used as the cover image as well as being a key inspiration for ‘Blood and Ice’), ‘wanderer Above the Sea of Fog’ by Friedrich (used as the cover image for the publication of Frankenstein), as well as a photograph of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein in the 1931 film. The focal point of each image is never shown, blocked off by fragmented cracks in the screen or processes which dominate the foreground of the screen space, maintaining the overall composition, colour scheme and motifs icons as the focal point of the pieces.


Timer/Brightness Up

Busy listening [Retry Call]

Rotate [Close Application]


Nightmare [Buffering]
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