Post Degree Show at Open Hand Open Space August 2019

Post degree show at Open Hand Open Space

Configuration 42; digitally edited photographic print
Configuration 75; digitally edited photographic print
post degree show 01
Configuration 26; digitally edited photographic print
Configuration 17; digitally edited photographic print
Configuration 54 ; digitally edited photograph

These Images are to be printed as giclee prints on canvas for a post graduation show at the open hand open space gallery in reading running from 19th-21st July. The images are digitally edited photographs of my degree show exhibition, showing a selection of the digital paintings printed as 35mm slides and projected onto a physical oil painting on MDF board to form a complete composition examining the aesthetics and architecture of mobile screen spaces. Each work is numbered between 1 and 99, as there were 33 digital works shown at the degree show, using 3 different projectors, meaning there are 99 possible individual images produced. In these prints, the materiality of the layers within the image is indiscernible, the background, which in reality is rendered in oil paint, appears more manufactured than the digital paint textures of the colour icons in the foreground, whilst the light focused on the centre of the image and grain produced by the slide projectors gives the composition an analogue, material feel.

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